Register for the 2019 Pulse3 Foundation Run For Your Heart

Join us on Saturday, September 7, 2019, for the 12th Annual Pulse3 Foundation Run for Your Heart Community Races!

3 Billion Heartbeats - That's the average lifetime.

3 billion moments. There are moments that make your heart stand still. There are moments that make it skip. There are moments that make it burst with joy.

3 billion moments. 3 billion reasons why we want to help you keep as many as we can:
  • by helping you discover healthier ways of living
  • by improving care through better learning
  • with technology and training to promote lifesaving
Living. Learning. Lifesaving. Many moments. Many heartbeats. Many ways to help. Will you save a life today?

Online registration is now closed. You can still register at the race site.