Join us during the first two weeks of September, 2020, for the 13th Annual Pulse3 Foundation Virtual Run For Your Heart Community Races!

Packet Distribution
Packet distribution will occur via mail in correlation with the virtual race this year. Please ensure your address is accurate when registering to ensure timely delivery of your packets

Registration Amenities
An official Run For Your Heart shirt, a commemorative medal, and an official race number.

Virtual Times Uploads
You will be able to upload your virtual times via the EnMotive platform. We will be sending out a "race day" email with instructions.

3 Billion Heartbeats - That's the average lifetime.

3 billion moments. There are moments that make your heart stand still. There are moments that make it skip. There are moments that make it burst with joy.

3 billion moments. 3 billion reasons why we want to help you keep as many as we can:
  • by helping you discover healthier ways of living
  • by improving care through better learning
  • with technology and training to promote lifesaving
Living. Learning. Lifesaving. Many moments. Many heartbeats. Many ways to help. Will you save a life today?

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